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CadHub is the place you can try out Code-CAD packages to find the one that's right for you. Our dedicated community is making CAD easy to learn on the web. Try one of our three integrations today and keep an eye out for more.

  • A mature Code-CAD library focused on Constructed Solid Geometry (CSG) modeling with syntax like C++.

  • A Python-based library with support for CSG and sketch-based modeling and a clean-feeling API.

  • A JavaScript Code-CAD library that will feel familiar to web developers, based on the same tech as OpenSCAD.

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CadHub is a social platform. You can ask users how they designed a part, fork their work to put your own spin on it, and find inspiration in abundance.

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We want you to learn Code-CAD today so it can change the way you work tomorrow. Our community is writing tutorials to make this powerful paradigm more accessible to people new to code and CAD.

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Version control with GitHub, multi-file projects, and team collaboration tools. We’ve got a lot planned, and we’re building it in the open.

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CAD is ready to evolve. Join our Discord and opensource community on GitHub and build that future with us!


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